Client Spotlight: Departure Lounge


Departure Lounge is a unique place where you can sip on coffee and wine or nibble on different types of artisan chocolate and cheese —all while planning a getaway to just about anywhere in the world. The space, which is part wine bar, part café and part travel agency opened in the fall of 2013 and has become a hit among Austinites, who flock there even if they aren’t planning a trip.

What We Love:

Two words: Wine Flights. There truly isn’t another concept like Departure Lounge. Owner Keith Waldon opened his own agency after 28 years in the travel business with an idea to create a space to plan trips in the way people like to talk about travel—in a social space, typically with friends in a restaurant or bar. Departure Lounge offers quite possibly the most enjoyable place to talk with a pro about your getaway, all while literally getting a taste of the world with international foods and beverages.

Did You Know?

Try out Departure Lounge’s Wine Persona survey to see what style and specific wines you might like based on a series of flavor profile and pairing questions. The survey is a fun way to learn about wine before diving in!

They also offer great happy hour food and drink deals Monday-Saturday from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. For more information, visit their happy hour page.

The Facts:

311 W. Fifth St., Suite 102



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