Life Lessons From Our Moms

Moms. They're older and wiser, and we love them for it. In honor of Mother's Day, here are various life lessons from the Cultivate Team that our moms have gifted to us over the years:


Sam Davidson

My mom always says "Don't borrow trouble". Life gives you enough to deal with without having to solve other people's problems that don't need your solving anyway. Help people but don't take on their drama.



When I was younger, I remember my mom telling me, “Amanda I’ll never have to worry about you. You are the kind of person who makes things happen and no matter how hard it seems, you’ll always figure it out.” From an early age, I wore that sentiment as a badge of honor. As I’ve gotten older, life has thrown me more challenges and I often think back her telling me about that. I take a deep breath and push through. I learned from her that I can always rely on myself.



My mom taught me not to take things that are material too seriously. In the grand scheme of things, “stuff is just stuff” and nothing can replace your health, happiness and family.

caroline  chris_0696 - Copy.jpg


The most important lesson my mom has taught me is to "carpe diem" or seize the day. As it is her favorite saying, she has definitely taught me that life is short and meant to be enjoyed.


Sam Foster

What I’ve learned from my mother is to not worry so much. Sweet and simple.



My mom has taught me that a little smile goes a long way. I’ve learned how to look for the good in things, extend kindness beyond myself, and enjoy so many simplicities because of her.

And now we pose another question for you to answer below… At what moment did you realize you were becoming your mother? (Cue the scary music.)