Making New Holiday Traditions (Cultivate PR blog)

Making New Holiday Traditions

I guess it is fair to say that I’ve always been pretty emotionally tied to traditions. So much so that I have, at times, acted a little foolishly about sticking to them no matter the circumstances. A good example is when I studied abroad in The Netherlands during the fall of 2002 and much to my dismay realized that my college’s international program didn’t do anything special for Thanksgiving. I cried. My mom ended up sending enough boxes of Stove Top Stuffing to feed 60 college sophomores. I guess I won that battle.

But just as most adults will tell you, as you grow up, the holidays end up becoming more about the kids and less about the old rituals you might hang on to. I suppose I could say that is the case now that I have two beautiful kiddos of my own but to be very honest it’s not the absolute truth. While it has been completely magical watching my three year old son get excited about Christmas…decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, asking to watch “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” 50 + times just this week (ah!)… the truth is that my traditions have only changed because we’re celebrating with my husband’s side of the family as opposed to my own.

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Now in lieu of sounding like the biggest, ahem, Grinch ever, I should say that there are many upsides to celebrating with my husband’s family. The biggest of which is that the holidays will be peaceful as opposed to a holiday spent with my side of the family. The holiday remains the same every year and is highlighted by things like the ridiculous stories told at the expense of others (told out of love really, only the way that my semi-dysfunctional Italian family can). Then there’s the inevitable group performance of John Lennon’s “So This is Christmas,” to which we can only sing obnoxiously loud and half weeping – all a result of the copious amounts of sangria we’ve had throughout Christmas Eve night. (To the sangria’s credit, that’s also what makes us sound so damn good.)

But nevertheless, I am certain I’ll remember this year fondly. After all, it’s the first time I’ve spent one with my beautiful baby girl, Edelle and truly the first year that my son James is taking in the magic of the season. It’s also the first year in our first home, in my new hometown of Austin. So in typing this all out, I guess I’ve just realized that it is the PERFECT way to spend this holiday after all. Bring on all the new traditions!