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Springtime Workouts in Austin

It’s no secret that Austin is a fitness-focused town (we consistently make the list of healthiest cities in the US) and one of the main reasons for that is the wide assortment of workouts available here. If you’re looking to spice up your fitness routine, here are some of our favorite places to break a sweat:

For a full body workout that will guarantee some impressive results, visit Dancer’s Shape on Burnet Road. This weekend the studio will be offering two free preview classes to first-time clients as well as some sweet (and healthy!) treats, discounts on workout clothes and yummy drinks from Austin Cocktails. Spots are limited, so call (512) 382-9150 or email to sign up.

In the past few years we’ve seen a spike in popularity in club-styled cycling classes. Places like CYC Fitness and RIDE pair an uber-challenging workout with high energy club music, giving you one of the most upbeat (and probably sweatiest) workouts yet. Unsure if this is for you? Try your ride at CYC or RIDE for free.

As the weather warms up, Stand-Up Paddle boarding is essential. There are a few options right on the water, including Texas Rowing Center, Rowing Dock and Paddle Zen.

For a more intense workout on the water, head to Austin Rowing Club to start your crew career. Here you can learn the basics or improve your skills in either a single or eight-person boat, working directly with rowing experts. Experience the same high intensity workout on land with Ro.

Lastly, we love our yoga studios and thankfully, Austin has plenty to offer. Our favorites are Black Swan Yoga, Eastside Yoga and Wanderlust Yoga.